Alfred offers typical Belgian dishes relying on products of impeccable quality. A tasty and healthy cuisine using fresh, seasonal ingredients selected with care from local producers.

For almost 95 years the Niels family has been working with passion and dedication in the hospitality industry. Our main endeavour is keeping promises every day towards our customers in exchange for them showing trust and satisfaction. We are committed every day to providing permanent quality, with respect to tradition and are driven by a proactive vision based on sustainability.

We are very proud of belonging to the undeniable cream of the crop of Brussels restaurants. As third and fourth generation respectively we run three restaurants in Brussels: Au Vieux Saint Martin on Grand Sablon, Au Grand Forestier in Watermael-Boitsfort and Au Savoy, on Place Brugmann.

Famille Niels, 90 ans de savoir-faire dans l'horeca belge
Frédéric et Albert Jean Niels
Albert-Jean et Frédéric Niels

A few dates

  • 1924Joseph Niels imagined the recipe of  filet américain , unchanged since
  • 1926Hotel-restaurant Canterbury, avenue Emile Jacqmain
  • 1948Restaurant Le Claridge, in Buenos Aires
  • 1968Au Vieux Saint Martin, Pace du Grand Sablon
  • 1974Au Duc d’Arenberg, Place du Petit Sablon
  • 2015Au Grand Forestier, in Watermael-Boitsfort
  • 2018Au Savoy, Place Brugmann, Ixelles
  • 2020Chez Alfred… at your place!


Pursuing almost a century of excellence in the hospitality industry Albert-Jean and Frederic Niels now have decided to deploy their skills equally outside the walls of their restaurants.

From now on you may enjoy our culinary specialties complemented by an exquisite selection of partner products in the cosy setting of your home.

Craftsmanship, an eye for detail and outstanding service provide the customer with a truly unforgettable experience.

Quality & freshness

Our chefs do not use use the micro-wave oven while cooking nor do they process vacuum-packed or frozen ingredients. They strictly avoid adding preservatives or additives. They rely on traditionally prepared food while serving generous portions.

Absolutely paramount to us is the freshness of our seasonal products coming from Belgian short supply chain producers.

Anyway we will never compromise on quality as far as our meals are concerned.

Alfred cares about the environment

Alfred delivers at your place